Juniper Ridge Intermediate School

Juniper Ridge is a Grade 5 - 8 Intermediate school located on the Northeast Avalon in Torbay, NL. Nestled at the foot of the Torbay ridge among a small forest of junipers, we service the communities of Torbay, Flatrock, Pouch Cove and Bauline.

Our approximately 720 students are very creative and energetic. They are taught by a staff of 64 teachers and support personnel who love working with this group of students. We are a very active school with many activities and events taking place throughout the year. You can try to keep up with everything we are doing by following our Twitter feed @JuniperRidgeNL

Back to School Plan

Please see the Newfoundland and Labrador Back to School Plan for the return to classes this September, 2021. You may follow the link directly to the Back to School Document, or visit the NLESD website page for more September 2021 Back to School Information.

Our Back to School Memo for Juniper Ridge parents/guardians ay be found at this link.

If your child is absent, please email the school at so that attendance can be kept up to date.

Important Upcoming Dates from Administration

November 11th Remembrance Day - No classes

November 16th School Lunch Association Deadline for ordering for December meals

November 16 Grade 7 Girls Volleyball will start on Tuesday November 16th 6:15-7:45

November 24th Photo Re-takes

November 29th Teacher PL Day - no classes


If you would like to help JRI out with raising some funds for activities and items in our school, please think about us when you are dropping off your recycling at local recycling depots. If you are dropping off 10 bags, consider donating ONE of them to our school. You only need to put in our school account number (437-3021) to get a sticker for your bag. Every bit helps!

Thank you so much in advance!!

School Clothing Orders!!

Our JRI Swag is now available online!! If you are interested in ordering clothing items from JRI, please visit the following link.


Take a look and see what a wide variety of items we have available.. Great idea for new students and possible Christmas gifts!!


School Lunch Calendar

The School Lunch Program has supplied us with an updated year-long calendar so that parents can check out upcoming deadlines and dates when the SLA is available. See the link HERE to examine the calendar.

Public Notice

The Town of Torbay posted this notice on their website on August 27th. Parents/Guardians who are driving in the vicinity of JRI should be aware that...

"The Towns 2021 sidewalk construction project from Darryl Pye Drive to Bauline Line and from Indian Meal Line to The Town Office is scheduled to start the week of August 30th, 2021 and is expected to take 12-14 weeks to complete.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Town at 437-6532, ext. 284."

Back to School

We encourage you to review the NLESD’s Back to School Educational Plan that was released to parents/guardians on August 12, 2021. It provides information which will guide us throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Back to School NL 2021-22 (Education Plan)

Newfoundland and Labrador Public Health Guidance for Return to School (K-12) 2021-22

NLESD Back to School Protocols 2021-22

School Expectations: Low Risk/High Risk (Infographic)

Provincial Government's COVID-19 Informationn

Stay Home When Sick

All school community members have a responsibility to ensure they are monitoring their personal health and consulting the

Daily Screening Questionnaire for Schools before attending a school.

Student Transportation UPDATE

If your child is using the bus system this year to attend JRI, please make a point of checking on the Parent Bus Portal to confirm their bussing information.

Thank you!

Mr. Don Emberley, Principal

(this information was emailed to parents/guardians in June, 2021)

Town of Torbay/Flatrock - Chief McGrath Award

Congratulations to Charla Woodford, one of our Grade 8 students, on receiving the Grade 8 Level Chief McGrath award for Youth Community Leadership. This award, given by the Torbay and Flatrock Volunteer Fire Department and the respective towns, is in recognition of student volunteerism and leadership in the local communities and is given to a Grade 4, 8 and 12 student each year. Congratulations Charla!!

Student Attendance Notifications

Effective this week, nightly e-mail notifications for student absences will be emailed to parents/guardians via PowerSchool. Attendance is taken twice daily for Elementary students, at the start of the day in the morning and at the start of classes after lunch. In Junior High attendance is recorded for each class. If your child is absent from class you will receive an e-mail informing you. If you have any concerns regarding the absence please reach out to your child’s teacher.

District Chromebooks

We are pleased to report that most Junior High students who submitted loan agreements have received their District issued Chromebook, and the most recent shipment is being distributed this week.

If you have not completed the District-issued form for the Chromebooks, you can find one here.

Wifi Access

As a result of the demand that these devices have on our Wi-Fi network, Junior High students will no longer be able to connect their personal devices, such as cell phones, to our school's Wi-Fi. This will ensure that all devices required for program delivery, including the new Chromebooks, can connect successfully. We are very excited about this substantial addition of technology!

Project Positivity

New school-wide initiative started by Mr. McDonald. See our Special Events Page or our February Newsletter for more information on this wonderful new initiative here at JRI !!

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As you are aware, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District will be providing every Grade 7-12 student across the province with a Chromebook.

In anticipation for their arrival, kindly complete the Chromebook Loan Agreement and return it to Juniper Ridge Intermediate by Friday, January 29th.

Curriculum Night Alternate

Given the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we were unable to hold our Annual Curriculum Night. In lieu of our traditional in-person presentation, we are forwarding information about your child’s academic program for the 2020-21 school year that was compiled by your child’s grade level/subject area teachers.

Junior High Curriculum Information

Grade 6 Curriculum Information

Grade 5 Curriculum Information