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Thanks to everyone who supported our school Virtual Book Fair!! So glad that students had a chance to get books into their hands and read!!

Library Books

As with textbooks, there are some library books that are outstanding and listed as 'missing' from the library. If you have library books at home, it would be great if you could return them to the school to go back into our collection after the appropriate time of isolation. Mr. Hammond will be very happy to have them back.

Shoe Boxes

Mr. Hammond was working on a project for our Grade 5 & 6 students this year. He collected shoe boxes of various sizes for the project. The project itself was organized and distributed to almost 400 students in Grade 5 & 6. Boxes were quarantined before being distributed to classes.

Each box contains a few small items for each student - a baggie with a flour/salt mixture which can be turned into a playdough-like ball when mixed with 1/4 cup of water. As well, there are some 'goggly eyes' and pipe cleaners in the box as well. Should we end up learning from home this year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, teachers in Grade 5 & 6 will be able to have students use these materials for hands-on activities. How they are used will be up to the individual teachers as they wish: for a diorama in Language Arts, to create a body system in Science, figures for math, or many other plans and ideas. If the boxes are not needed this year, as we all hope, students will be asked to bring them back to school in May/June and an activity may be planned for an in-class project.

Developing our Library Learning Commons - 2017

Developing our Library Learning Commons - 2020

We have acquired several Umbrella Trees for the Library Learning Commons this year. These trees will take up residence in our library space and add to the atmosphere in our room. Years from now, they'll be huge!!